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Zhengzhou Huasheng Instrument \u0026 Meter Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in instrumentation, sales and technical services. The company"s main employees are senior professionals in the instrumentation industry, with rich practical experience. Factory and mine, enterprises and institutions, research institutes. The company has obtained a number of fixed-point purchasing units. Since our company has been adhering to the service tenet of “being practical and honest, doing our work”, our practical work has been widely praised by users. Zhengzhou Huasheng Instrument \u0026 Meter Co., Ltd. always implements the business philosophy of “advanced speed”, “lower price” and “more convenient way” to let customers feel the progress of technology; A strong offensive, a "wider channel" and a "lower cost" enable our customers and suppliers to maximize their benefits from working with us. As a Huasheng people, our goal is to meet the different needs of our customers and let our customers and suppliers are happy to cooperate with us!

Address: 50m to the south of the intersection of Workers Road and Bohai Road

Mobile Phone: 0371-60227388

Contact Phone: 0371-68888880

Contact: Liang Manager

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